Wholesale Inquiries

We provide wholesale leather goods for a wide range of stores in New England and nationwide, including outdoor activity stores, feed and grain stores, hardware stores, gift shops, general stores and country stores.

We specialize in top-quality deer and elk gloves, mittens, wallets and more! We manufacture here in the USA, men’s and women’s belts, ornamental bells, and pet accessories. We also offer our own line of Deerfield Leathers sheepskin footwear, and we sell an ever-expanding line of men’s wallets. Our RFID “Crazy Horse” line of ID protection wallets is our fastest growing product segment.

Buyers for stores nationwide value our expertise and our more than 60-years of experience working with leather. This means they can count on a high quality product for their shoppers.

If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, in some cases we can offer custom manufacturing and customized options – from hardware variations to colors, sizes and more.

We are constantly adding new wholesale products to our catalog.

To learn more please call us at (603) 463-5591 or fill out the form below: